Helpful Hints

Here are a few helpful hints…

Ordering invitations:

  • When ordering your invitations, please order 10%-25% EXTRA envelopes. The cost is minimal if you order them with the initial order, but it can be very expensive if you order them later.  Please give me all the envelopes; I’ll use the extras for any errors or late address additions and I can return the spares to you.
  • Keep one complete invitation set – the invitation, response card & envelope, inner/mailing envelopes, direction cards, and other pieces. Bring the assembled invitation to the post office for weighing and purchase of stamps. Remember to get stamps for the response envelopes!

Address list:

  • Your address list can be in any Windows format – a Word address block or label format, an Excel spreadsheet, etc. Most other Microsoft-compatible programs should work too. Please convert Apple formats to Windows. 
  • You can leave the state and street abbreviations in your list; I spell everything out fully as I do the work.
  • I write guest names exactly as they appear in your list, so please proofread spelling carefully.
  • Last-minute addresses are very common. Simply email them to me as you get them.
  • Errors: 
    • If I make an error on an envelope, I will redo it at no charge;
    • If the error is on the address list, the standard per-envelope fee will apply to redo the envelope.


  • Number each address entry in your guest list, then put each guest’s list number on a back corner of their response card. If they forget to write their name on the card (it happens a lot!), you can cross-reference the number on the guest’s card to their number in the address list.

What’s the “inner” envelope?

  • The inner envelope is different from your small RSVP envelope. It’s nearly as big as the outer mailing envelope. Traditional/formal invitations may use the inner; modern invitations may or may not. The inner envelope holds all the invitation pieces, it has no sealing glue on the flap, and it’s placed inside the mailing envelope.
  • The outer envelope gets the mailing address info. The inner envelope gets the names of everyone invited: Mr. Smith (single guest); Mr. and Mrs. Hamm (married couple); Mr. Jones and Ms. Gray or And Guest (long-term couple or plus-one); Mr. and Mrs. Daly and John (invited children); etc. If there’s no inner envelope, all names go on the outer mailing envelope. I can help with those gnarly details.
  • When mailmen traveled on horseback, the mail got very dirty or wet, so brides began using inner envelopes to protect their wedding invitations. The dirty outer envelope was discarded and the pristine inner envelope and contents properly set the tone for this very special occasion.