About MaryEllin Kurtz

About Me

Handwriting has always intrigued me and I’m a self-taught calligrapher, learning from books and years of practice. Friends and family asked me to letter their special event invitations, then for many years I was the calligrapher for an event designer in New York, and a hobby became CalliGraphics. My lettering styles (called “hands”) include my own creations:

  • The classic and elegant Chancery Italic – a calligraphic style dating from the Middle Ages
  • My Chancery Script and Flourish, both with a lovely flow and and very popular for weddings and formal affairs
  • My Casual is an informal ‘printed’ style, great for beach weddings and events with a relaxed vibe
  • My Modern Script 1 is loaded with decorations – if you love swirls and fancy flourishes, this is for you!
  • My Modern Script 2 is breezy and chic, perfect for modern brides
  • Block is a classic printed style (all caps, all lowercase, or initial caps) that’s great alone or combined with another style

Have a look around and get in touch with questions. I love what I do and I’d be delighted to work with you! Thanks for visiting!