About CalliGraphics

I’ve always been interested in beautiful handwriting, and in my early 20s I bought some calligraphy books and started practicing. Soon, friends and family asked me to letter their special event invitations, then an event planner friend hired me to do calligraphy for his bridal and bar/bat mitzvah clients, and a hobby turned into CalliGraphics, my own successful business.

I specialize in the classic Chancery Italic writing style, and I’ve created two new styles, both based on the Italic. The Chancery Script is a form of Calligraphy has a lovely flow and rhythm, and is a great choice for weddings and formal affairs. The Casual style is a less formal ‘printed’ option. It maintains characteristics of the Italic hand but with fewer flourishes, and it’s great for events with a relaxed vibe, like beach weddings and sports-themed bar mitzvahs.